I had been a Photographer for quite some time before I started titling myself a Photographer, mainly because I always thought I was going to do something else when I grew up. Becoming a Photographer and studying photography wasn’t something I had planned, it just happened somehow and I went a long with the ride. Luckily I fell in love with the camera and haven’t regretted that love affair ever since.
I am not one kind of a Photographer, I studied Fine Art but I do Documentary Photography, Food Photography and Videos. I am grateful that I am able to work and have career within so many different fields, but no matter what genre I am working within, being a Photographer gives me the freedom and opportunity to tell stories, both fictional and real. I have permission to share the world as I see it and to create feelings within people I might not even know.
All images on this site are taken with a medium format, Mamiya 7ii on a Kodak Portra.

This is not the real thing